Team Verity Turn Lunchtime Learning to Magic!

When lunchtime learning makes magic!

Cross-team collaboration delivers a Verity-inspired game station

When you love what you do—and the people you do it with—it makes perfect sense to spend your lunch break honing your skills together on a fun project! That’s clearly what Team Verity concluded when they created the “coding lunch.” Open to team members from all areas of the company, the class, led by Software Engineer Sasha Nigay, began as a basic coding tutorial. The result was pure team-inspired fun: the creation of a Verity game station using Python (the programming language that makes Verity’s drone systems ‘tick’).

“The game involves a drone avatar flying around a warehouse and scanning barcodes—while avoiding fast-moving forklifts,” explains Tilo Madöry who was involved in building the game. “We wanted to create something that was fun, but that also helped hone our Python skills in the process. We all had different attributes and areas of expertise to bring to the project, and together we created something we’re super proud of.”

Sabine Do-Thuong, Verity’s Head of Development, loves the idea. “The fact that our team decided to create something together in their free time is a great example of Verity’s spirit,” says Sabine. “At Verity, we have a culture of knowledge sharing and continuous learning and so, while the hardware and software engineering teams led the project, employees from all departments got involved, from Hardware, Office Management and Procurement. And they created something really cool!”

You can check out the new game station in the Verity office—where you will no doubt find a few team members fighting it out to earn a spot on the leaderboard!

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