Self-flying inventory drones deliver
your zero-error warehouse

Inventory drones deliver data-driven intelligence for a more agile, efficient warehouse

A zero-error warehouse is no longer a luxury. 99.9% inventory accuracy has become an urgent mandate for retailers, 3PLs, and manufacturers competing for customer loyalty. But getting the right inventory in the right place at the right time is no easy task—especially when the data in your WMS isn’t 100% correct. The result: forklift drivers and warehouse staff must spend valuable time searching for missing inventory to keep errors from disrupting operations. Or worse, disappointing customers.

Powered by a multi-layered software stack, Verity’s automated inventory management system, powered by autonomous inventory drones, addresses the challenge head on. Warehouse drones scan inventory in warehouses and DCs and deliver data-driven intelligence across the enterprise to make 99.9% accuracy your reality.

Modernize Operations Quickly

Verity helps drive errors to zero in less than 12 months. It’s fast. It’s easy. And rapid ROI makes the investment virtually risk-free.

Boost Profitability & Revenue

Verity automates up to 100% of the manual scanning process to ease the impact of labor shortages and free up warehouse personnel to focus on more fulfilling tasks.

Minimize Workforce Challenges

Faster, more frequent scanning eliminates inventory inaccuracies to reduce costs and boost operating margins.

Guarantee Better Customer Service

By getting the right products at the right place at the right time, every time, Verity helps eliminate lost sales and lost customers.

Reduce Waste & C02 Emissions

Automated inventory tracking boosts warehouse sustainability by delivering CO2 savings equivalent to taking up to 1,000 cars off the road for one warehouse.

Inventory drones deliver your zero-error warehouse

The Verity system is the first solution of its kind to achieve successful commercial rollouts in Europe and North America. Developed by the world’s leading experts in autonomous systems, robotics, and machine learning, the Verity system is enabling industry leaders including DSV, Maersk, KeHE and Samsung SDS to achieve zero-error warehouses. Advanced analytics and role-specific user dashboards turn that data into valuable insights that help reduce costs, improve sustainability, and drive customer service that creates a true competitive advantage.

Verity’s fully integrated inventory management system puts self-flying drones to work inside the warehouse to make the zero-error warehouse a reality for retailers, 3PLs, and industrial manufacturers around the globe.

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“With the drones, we can do the same task 9x cheaper and 20x faster.

Luca Graf, Former Head of Digital Innovation, DSV

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