One of the top 3PL providers in the world, DSV has over 6 million square meters of global warehouse space. Following the success of its first Verity implementation in Denmark, the company is now expanding use of the system across its distribution centers in Europe and North America to increase inventory accuracy and decrease labor costs.

Every weekend, DSV uses the Verity system to scan all empty slots, as well as 25% of the warehouse. A wall-to-wall facility scan is completed once a month. Though errors inevitably accumulate during the week, this scan cycle provides the insights needed to fix errors before they disrupt operations.

Key benefits: Fewer lost pallets; easier corrective action; greater productivity

Warehouse drones case study

“At DSV, we are seeing a number of benefits and strong KPIs, both on the economical and more on the qualitative side. Our goal was to reduce costs for inventory control, reduce labor costs, and assign our employees to more meaningful tasks. That’s definitely something we have achieved.”

Luca Graf, Former Head of Digital Innovation, DSV

clients DSV talks with Modern Materials Handling about the Verity System

Modern Materials Handling talks to DSV about the Verity System

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