One of the top 3PL providers in the world, DSV has over 6 million square meters of global warehouse space. Following the success of its very first Verity implementation in Denmark back in 2021, the company has since expanded use of the system across its distribution centers in Europe and North America with multiple sites across 7 countries on 3 different continents, and continuing to expand over DSV’s vast network.

Verity’s solution ensures that DSV has the inventory data it needs to meet demanding SLAs. The system significantly reduces inventory discrepancies, minimizing costly stockouts and order shipping issues, by leveraging features such as moved locations reports to quickly locate errors, as well as empty locations and area scans. Automated scanning frees warehouse staff from manual inventory tasks and eliminates inventory issues resolution time, allowing them to focus on fulfilling customer orders.

Key benefits:
– Fewer lost pallets
– Faster and easier corrective action
– Higher productivity
– Reduced CO2e emissions.

DSV-Verity drone

Verity’s inventory drones deliver operational excellence at DSV

Verity’s inventory drones during install week in DSV South Africa

Modern Materials Handling talks to DSV about the Verity System

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