Whitepaper: Autonomous inventory tracking for retailers

Autonomous inventory tracking for retailers

Traditional retail is in the midst of a renaissance. The culmination of changing pressures has created significant disruption, forcing retailers to rethink nearly every aspect of their operations. Thankfully, significant technological advancements have come to fruition at just the right time to support a successful transition to this new retail landscape—including solutions that enable a better, faster, less costly method of tracking inventory in warehouses of every size.

Cycle counting and inventory data collection

Often seen as the low-hanging fruit of warehouse automation thanks to their ease of implementation, exceptional benefits, and uncommonly rapid return on investment, inventory drones are already helping forward-thinking retailers achieve some of their most critical business objectives, including:

  • Improving supply chain flexibility and resilience
  • Minimizing the impact of inventory errors
  • Enabling more frequent, real-time data collection
  • Optimizing labor resources & productivity
  • Reducing costs and improving margins
  • Increasing warehouse sustainability
  • Creating consistent workplace safety
  • Extending competitive advantage

Integrating inventory drones into retail warehouses offers a transformative approach to traditional inventory management. As technological advancements continue and drones become even more sophisticated, retailers stand to benefit greatly from enhanced efficiency, accuracy, and overall operational improvement.

Read the full white paper to learn how self-flying inventory drones are creating a trusted win-win for retailers and their customers.

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