The Value of Incomparable Reliability

The Value of Incomparable Reliability 

18 January 2024

There are two base requirements to automating inventory tracking: one is autonomy, the other is complete reliability.

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There are many advantages of using autonomous drones to scan inventory in the warehouse. One benefit unique to Verity’s technology is incomparable reliability. Verity’s warehouse drones and complete inventory management system are purpose-built and constructed entirely by our team of robotics and systems experts at our Zurich headquarters, including CEO Raffaello D’Andrea who co-founded Kiva Systems (now Amazon Robotics) and more than a dozen PhDs from ETH Zurich, MIT, and other leading universities. The result is an industry-trusted solution that, like Swiss watchmaking, lives up to the longstanding ‘Made in Switzerland’ reputation for excellence, precision, and incomparable reliability. 

Verity’s record of reliability spans every aspect of this transformative technology:  

  • Reliable flight technology
    Verity developed the first-ever autonomous indoor drone system in 2014 and has continued to enhance every component in the decade since. The result: today, Verity’s drones complete nearly 3 million scans per month across all installed client sites, with a verified reliability rate of 99.99%.*
  • Reliable data capture
    Unlike manual scanning where human error can significantly affect accuracy, the Verity drones use on-board precision cameras to scan inventory and deliver consistently accurate results. This data capture leads to significant reductions in inventory discrepancies, making it essential for effective inventory control and management.
  • Reliable access to hard-to-reach areas
    High shelves and tight spaces in warehouses pose a challenge for manual counting, often leading to missed or inaccurately counted items. Verity’s autonomous drones effortlessly and reliably access these hard-to-reach areas, ensuring an accurate count every time.
  • Reliable consistency
    Human performance in inventory counting can vary due to factors like fatigue, distraction, or the simple monotony of the task. Thanks to Verity’s trusted technology, the drones maintain consistent performance levels—regardless of how repetitive or long the task may be. This unparalleled consistency helps ensure reliable inventory management, especially during peak periods or large-scale stock audits.
  • Reliable data sharing & WMS comparison
    When inventory is scanned manually, even accurate data can be recorded incorrectly or missed entirely. In contrast, inventory data captured by the Verity drones is automatically compared to data stored in the WMS (warehouse management system)—without fail. By removing the potential for errors from the process, the reliability of the end-to-end inventory tracking and management process is significantly enhanced. 

As of December 2023, Verity drones have completed nearly 36 million fully autonomous inventory checks, and that number is climbing rapidly every hour, every day, at every client site. The key to this flawless execution is simple: incomparable reliability. To learn more about how Verity’s proven reliability delivers value to our clients—without fail—get in touch with one of our experts. 


* Flight reliability based on instances when drones failed to return to their charger during a planned mission. These include controlled safety landings, which require simply placing the drone back on the charger, as well as technical failures. 

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