Tiago Reis: Frontend and UX Lead Engineer

Tiago Reis: Frontend and UX Lead Engineer

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Born and raised in the Azores Islands, in Portugal, Tiago Reis joined Team Verity in 2018. His focus: creating harmony between the client experience and system functionality as a frontend and user experience lead engineer. 

As a young boy, Tiago could either be found at the skatepark or at his computer, exploring his interest in creating websites and IRC client user interfaces.

Realizing that skateboarding didn’t offer the same opportunities in life as his love of tech, Tiago moved to Lisbon at age seventeen to study software engineering at the University of Lisbon. While earning his bachelor’s degree, Tiago was invited to join the Human Computer Interaction and Multimedia (HCIM) research lab at the same university. “This experience started shaping me professionally, moving my interests to the user facing parts of software,” shares Tiago. With a newfound clarity on his career preferences, Tiago decided to complete his master’s degree with the same research group.

After earning his masters’ degree, Tiago continued his work in the research field for the HCIM lab where he contributed to a number of scientific papers and book chapters, before making the move away from academia in 2010. Excited to be applying his knowledge and skillset in industry, Tiago spent the next 4 years teaching in various technical schools, working as a web developer, and continuing to cultivate his UX designer/researcher and software development skillset.

Proving that the right skillset and career can take you anywhere in the world, Tiago has worked for companies in Portugal, Spain, London, California, and others in between, before he set his sights on Switzerland in 2013. “I had some friends living in Switzerland who had only good things to say about the country,” says Tiago. “Its tech job market and the flourishing startup scene led me to ask myself ‘why not?,’ so I decided to give it a try.”

Following a move to Zurich, Tiago continued to hone his craft in software development and UX roles. In 2018, looking for his next challenge, Tiago came across a recruitment posting for Verity. “When I initially explored Verity, I was captivated by the entertainment products, but what really drew me in, was the opportunity to be part of a team developing cutting edge technologies” Tiago recalls. “I clearly remember seeing the drones flying for the first time at Verity and thinking, wow, this is the place for me. Those flying drones and the possibility of creating UX that goes way beyond the screen made the decision to join Verity an easy one.”

While Verity’s live events drones—the Lucies—captured Tiago’s attention, his interest was really peaked as he joined the efforts to create a new industrial product when Verity’s autonomous inventory tracking system was kicked off in stealth mode in early 2019.

“This project brought with it a whole new set of challenges,” he says. “In contrast to the Lucies, this product would consist of cloud and web components, be required for continuous use, and needed to fulfil a real industry need.” Speaking proudly of the project, Tiago says, “Now that its launched and active in customer warehouses, it feels like our hard work has been rewarded. We have a product that is maturing well, solves clients’ needs, and absolutely kicks ass.”

He also appreciates the unique culture at Verity. “The team is made of amazing, extremely smart, individuals. The amount of value created by these people is insane. The way the team commits to their work is unbelievable and seeing the results of such commitment firsthand is a great privilege. I truly believe this kind of culture is a factor that significantly contributes to Verity’s success.”

After almost three years at Verity, Tiago is still enjoying the challenge and loving his job. “Designing user experiences across so many different moving parts is a huge challenge, but it’s this challenge that drives me and makes my job so enjoyable.”


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