Jaskirat Singh: Research and Development Engineer

Jaskirat Singh: Research and Development Engineer

Jaski Singh - Research and Development Engineer at Verity

A chance encounter with Luca Gherardi is what brought Jaskirat (Jaski) Singh to Verity in 2017. During a hike, Luca explained the work Verity was doing in the design and commercialization of autonomous drones, which aligned perfectly with Jaski’s lifelong interest in designing drones and other robots.

He first saw a commercial drone flying when he was in high school, which led to him building a quadcopter for his high school final project. After that, he went on to receive his Bachelors in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from the University of Bologna and his Masters in Electronic Engineering from ETH Zurich.

Jaski’s role at Verity bridges the hardware and software side of our engineering team. He oversees the verification and testing of the hardware used for Verity’s drones, which involves checking to ensure that boards received from manufacturers are working correctly. He also performs software evaluation and tuning, often digging deep into third party documentation to solve challenges the team is facing.

When working on the industrial product Jaski’s typical day consist of actively improving the camera quality, together with it’s firmware, and making sure that all the vehicles produced by the manufacturing team have good working cameras.

Although he was initially attracted to Verity due to the complexity of the problems being solved, he was also interested in being part of a small team. He describes Verity as a place where “each person is smarter than the next, and you can always find an expert in any field.”
In his free time, he enjoys trail running, mountain biking, bikepacking and playing football. He recently ran the Jungfrau marathon, widely considered one of the most beautiful mountain marathons in the world.

Jaski is just one of the many talented engineers working at Verity. Curious about what your career at Verity might look like? Take a look at our careers page.

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