A complete, integrated inventory system powered by autonomous drone technology

The Verity system fully automates the costly, labor-intensive task of inventory tracking at your large warehouse or distribution center. With the ability to increase cycle counts at no additional cost, you can improve customer service, drive greater efficiencies, and gain critical insights that drive better inventory management decisions—all while cutting inventory errors to ZERO.

… and do it all while you sleep!

Explore the benefits of automated inventory tracking


Reduce CO2 emissions

to increase sustainability of warehouse operations


Conduct faster, more frequent cycle counts

to ensure availability of the right products at the right time


Identify discrepancies in real-time

to prevent issue escalation


Increase margins

by reducing labor, equipment costs, and inventory write-offs


Improve revenue

by eliminating lost sales due to stock-outs


Integrate with existing WMS

to streamline inventory management


Boost customer service

by ensuring on-time deliveries


Reduce turnover, sick time, and labor costs

by improving employee safety, value, and satisfaction

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