Modern Materials Handling – Savvy users embrace change

Modern Materials Handling – Savvy users embrace change

Thursday 29 June 2023

Modern Materials Handling, the magazine covering the materials handling field, has published a specially curated issue on Automation/Retail: Savvy users embrace change, including two stories with insights from Verity’s CEO, Raffaello D’Andrea.

The special digital issue, available here, highlights the steps the savviest companies in the retail industry are taking to stay on the bleeding edge of innovation and technology.

Two stories curated in this issue feature insights from Verity’s CEO, Raffaello D’Andrea:

Three keys to next-level inventory control details the steps innovative companies may take to correct the disruptions in inventory control experienced in recent years: “By using camera-based imaging on a
self-flying drone, an operation can achieve a high level of accuracy and eliminate manual data capture tasks in that zone“.

The data capture evolution highlights the value of gaining superior insights – such as inventory count insights gained autonomously with self-flying drones: “self-flying drones bring payback by automating inventory counting tasks, and making counts more frequent and accurate, leading to fewer unexpected issues with low stock“.

Read the full special issue here (gated content).

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