DC Velocity – Maersk turns to drones to track warehouse inventory

DC Velocity – Maersk turns to drones to track warehouse inventory

Wednesday 12 June 2023 

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DC Velocity, the magazine that caters to the specific information needs of logistics and supply chain managers and executives, covers Maersk’s adoption of Verity’s drones at its 3PL Performance Team sites to improve inventory accuracy and increase sustainability, highlighting the value unlocked for Maersk by the Verity solution: 

  • a significant improvement over traditional inventory counting processes,  
  • an inventory counting error rate reduced from 4% to 0%,  
  • system availability during “off-peak hours” (nights and weekends) thanks to the ability of Verity’s drones to fly autonomously and without the need for lighting. 

“We wanted to deploy a safer, more accurate, data-driven inventory solution that addressed our decarbonization goals for customers and prevented our workforce from working at heights. Verity’s system has delivered data accuracy, safety, and speed, which makes our warehouse management system stronger, faster, and more effective for customer decision making”, said Erez Agmoni, senior vice president of innovation and strategic growth for Maersk North America 

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