LogiMAT – Inventory Tracking with Autonomous Drones

LogiMAT 2022

Thank you to all those who visited the Verity booth at LogiMAT 2022. Team Verity had a very busy few days, and it was a real pleasure to speak to so many of you about how our automated inventory tracking, powered by self-flying drones, could benefit your warehouse operations.  

While we shared some details of our solution with you at the show, time was limited, so if you would like to continue the conversation, please email us to schedule a call with a member of our sales team. We look forward to, together, exploring your environment and inventory challenges, to understand whether Verity is a smart fit for your business and helping you take the next step toward your own zero-error warehouse.  

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The Verity inventory management solution

Automates up to 90% of manual inventory scanning processes using self-flying drones
Built for companies with large warehouses with high volume, high turnover, or high value inventory
Enables faster, more frequent scanning to eliminate inventory inaccuracies that drive up costs
Delivers actionable insights directly to your WMS to improve operational efficiency
Drives CO2 savings equivalent to taking up to 5,000 cars off the road per 1000,000-pallet warehouse
Helps drive errors to zero in less than 12 months to deliver rapid ROI