Failsafe by Verity

Simple software for safer drones. Improve drone safety and reliability with no additional hardware

For every drone manufacturer, safe, secure UAS operation is a top priority. The leading provider of autonomous indoor drone systems, Verity now offers a simple approach to addressing the most common source of technical failures in drones—propeller failure—and achieving a level safety that boosts customer confidence.

All the safety benefits at less cost

Failsafe is a software add-on that eliminates propulsion system failures for any quadcopter drone. Using advanced control algorithms to enable faulty drones to fly with just two propellers, Failsafe enables safe, controlled emergency landings.

Ensure safety when flying over highly populated areas

Prevent data and cargo from falling into the wrong hands

Minimize potential for damage to vehicles or property

Failsafe requires no change to your drones’ hardware design, and no additional hardware. As a result, manufacturers can meet UAS safety requirements with:

  • NO engineering rework
  • NO reductions in MTBF and payload capacity
  • NO added manufacturing costs

Failsafe by Verity

Simple software for safer drones

A solution that works—every time

When a quadcopter loses a propeller, motor, or motor controller, it typically spins out of control. Failsafe ensures drone control is never an issue.

Using sophisticated algorithms, Failsafe’s onboard software immediately harnesses the spinning quadcopter to regain control of the drone’s position in space. With the drone stabilized, the operator can pilot it to a safe landing location or direct it to fly home autonomously.

A simple firmware update is all that’s needed to add Failsafe to any quadcopter that features rapid failure detection and sufficient excess thrust.

Indoor Drone Failsafe Solution

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