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Self-flying drone technology from Verity has transformed how warehouses track and manage inventory. Known as the only system of its kind that operates with no human touch, Verity has completed more than 20 million fully autonomous inventory checks—the only inventory automation solution with such a proven track record. To address the needs of clients who operate warehouses seven days a week, Verity also offers automated inventory tracking that can be used at any time of day or night, including when staff are at work in the warehouse.  

The ability to operate self-flying inventory drones at any time enables unlimited inventory tracking in warehouse environments with limited off hours, as well as those that store high-turnover or high-value goods that demand accurate, real-time mirroring of physical inventory with data stored in the warehouse management system, or WMS. In any type of warehouse, the greater frequency of scanning enabled by always-on inventory tracking helps ensure errors are identified and corrected before they escalate to disrupt the optimal flow of goods through the warehouse. And by eliminating the time gap between when putaway errors occur and when they are found and corrected, management can more easily train forklift drivers, correct processes, and enable more consistent inventory accuracy in the future. The results: fewer errors, improved processes, and higher customer service levels. 

Safe, continuous, autonomous inventory tracking 

Operating inventory drones safely and continuously when warehouse staff are present is achieved via the Verity dashboard where users assign specific zones to be scanned during operating hours. Once assigned and activated, drone work zones are established and aligned with operations in the warehouse, with specific aisles or areas dedicated to drone operations. The entire process is zero-touch, requiring no human interaction. While warehouse staff work freely in nearby areas, the Verity drones fly from their chargers through pre-determined drone transition zones—high overhead and away from other activities. The drones execute each assigned mission within the designated work zones with no impact on activities in other sections of the warehouse. With a simple toggle of a switch on the Verity dashboard, users can assign and activate additional drone work zones whenever new inventory counts are desired. To further reduce interactions, the system can automatically align drone work zones with WMS operations through the Verity API. 

Warehouse safety is always a top priority. The Verity system is designed to support maximum safety, combining the alignment of operational procedures with the ease of activating and deactivating drone work zones. All Verity drones are equipped with a multi-sensor collision avoidance system that combines a variety of functions to promote a safe work environment. These fail-safe features operate much like those on elevators where multi-cable systems, automatic electromechanical brakes, counterweights, and end-of-shaft buffer springs work together to protect passengers—even if a single operation within the system fails. Co-developed and tested with our clients, Verity’s approach to 24/7 operations has been proven safe and effective.  


Warehouse staff advocate 24/7 operations with inventory drones

Verity clients show support for 24/7 operations using Verity inventory drones. Workers have been highly receptive to working in concert with the drones and have been comfortable with drones flying overhead as they move from charging stations in one area of the warehouse to designated work zones.

Thanks to the workers’ experience with the Verity system, the drones’ history of reliability and safety, and the potential benefits of tracking inventory any time, warehouse staff have overwhelmingly advocated for 24/7 operations.

In warehouses that operate continuously or near-continuously, the ability to utilize inventory drones safely when warehouse staff are present is vital to ensuring inventory accuracy. Verity’s approach enables 24/7 operations by allowing drones and humans to coexist in the warehouse. By giving users the freedom to track inventory day or night, with or without the presence of warehouse staff—and with no human interaction required—Verity enables more frequent inventory scanning, delivers real-time data that mirrors physical inventory, and enables inventory accuracy that drives a zero-error warehouse. 

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