Whitepaper: Client success stories in harnessing Verity’s benefits

Client success stories in harnessing Verity’s benefits

Automated warehouse solutions, including Verity, provide significant value both immediately and over the long term. Recent interviews with Verity clients have uncovered important usage trends at warehouses with established Verity implementations. These trends provide insights into the most common benefits achieved, as well as when users can expect specific benefits within a typical implementation timeline.

A study in improved productivity and operational excellence

At the highest level, inventory accuracy and compliance improvements are often seen shortly after implementation, whereas significant enhancements in four-wall productivity and operational excellence the offer longer-term benefits take longer to materialize. Clients who adopt best practices consistently achieve maximum value from these short- and long-term benefits.

The findings from discussions with Verity clients are useful for organizations seeking to understand what benefits can be anticipated from the Verity system, when they are most commonly achieved, and the best practices that promote the highest level of value at any stage in a Verity implementation. Some of these proven productivity benefits include:

  • Fewer canceled orders
  • Increased percentage of on-time shipments
  • Fewer emergency replenishments at picking locations
  • Increased percentage of fulfilled orders
  • More employees meeting productivity targets
  • Reduced frequency of cycle counts
  • Fewer write-offs of perishable goods

Read the full white paper to see how Verity clients are harnessing the benefits of the Verity system—and take a look at an ideal ‘day in the life’ with Verity’s drones.

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