Whitepaper: Autonomous inventory tracking for 3PLs

Autonomous inventory tracking for 3PLs

Though automation technologies have helped alleviate many challenges, 3PLs still struggle to manage new pressures. Global labor shortages make it more difficult to recruit and retain workers with needed skills. A massive uptick in ecommerce, the expectation of one- or two-day delivery windows, and the cost of storing overstock have pushed customer service requirements to extremes. Add the growing focus on the need for sustainable warehouses that use less energy, create less waste, and optimize every movement of goods, and it is clear that to remain competitive, 3PLs need to take advantage of available solutions that can help tackle one or more of these pressures—without the significant delays or high costs associated with many automation initiatives.

Inventory tracking automation addresses key challenges

While it is certainly no silver bullet, leaders in the 3PL space are consistently demonstrating the ability of inventory tracking automation to address their most pressing challenges quickly, effectively, and without disrupting warehouse operations.

In contrast to typical high-cost automation technologies that require years for approval and lengthy project timelines, lightweight and nimble autonomous inventory drones are often considered the ‘low-hanging fruit’ of warehouse automation: they require less investment to install and maintain, require negligible space in the warehouse, take just weeks to implement, and can deliver ROI in less than a year.

Read the full white paper to learn how self-flying inventory drones are transforming inventory tracking at DSV and Maersk by increasing warehouse efficiency, improving margins, elevating service levels, and more.

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