Automated inventory management powered by self-flying warehouse drones

Verity’s self-flying warehouse drones navigate from pallet to pallet, autonomously collecting accurate inventory data. Once the data is collected, the system distills that information into critical insights delivered directly to the user dashboard or existing warehouse management system (WMS). The results: shareable, actionable data and a zero-error warehouse.

Flexible enough to tackle every type of count—from daily location changes to wall-to-wall inventory checks—Verity’s warehouse drones free up warehouse personnel to focus on more value-added tasks, while getting the job done right every time.

Feature spotlight


fully autonomous inventory checks
(and counting!)

Warehouse drones enable powerful analytics

Inventory insights at your fingertips
  • Easy-access

    to warehouse inventory data from anywhere via the Verity cloud

  • Empty location reports

    to plan receivables before they arrive at the dock

  • Moved location reports

    to eliminate placement errors before they disrupt operations

  • Real-time data comparison

    with existing WMS inputs to uncover errors before they multiply

  • Photos of every discrepancy

    to easily locate misplaced and mismarked inventory

  • Online scan scheduling

    to check specific areas or the entire facility as needed

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